Mama Evans
Mama Evans

The literacy rate in Haiti is around 50%.  That's an ever-changing number, but a realistic one.  

These Bibles are


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Solar Talking Bibles
....a note from Nick

Kreyol Talking Solar Bibles fluctuate between $35 and $55 each.  There is a discount if we order 10 or more at one time.


When trying to encourage our loan holders to get in the Word and do business God's way, we found more often than not, that illiteracy was a barrier to reading and understanding the Bible.  These solar Bibles have filled a huge void and are the most sought-after thing we bring down. 

Why Talking

Power in the home is a luxury few are able to afford- and that's not the demographic we usually work with.  Letting these Bibles sit out in the sun for even a short time will give them hours of listening time. 

It really is  revolutionary when you've never had access to God's Word.

Why Solar

Not everyone in Haiti is welcome in the church.  In the majority of churches, if your clothes aren't up to certain standards, you are not allowed to worship with fellow believers, making these Bibles invaluable to those who are ostracized, based on the way they are dressed.  

Not for Everyone

The first time I brought Bibles down I assumed I would hand 1 out to each person.  I walked out of the house and noticed the they didn't get 5 steps out the door and had a dozen or so people gathered around, listening.  

That's when I realized how valuable these Bibles really are. 

I take as many as I can get my hands on and leave epmty-handed. 

It is a gift to be the one to hand these out; every single person is beyond grateful.  Thank you, to those who give.


Talking Solar Bibles
Talking Solar Bibles