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Interest-Free Micro-Loans

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Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions

-Micro-loan amounts range from $50-$350us

-Canidates are selcted through the process of interviewing, referal and prayer

-Micro-loans are interest-free; payments are rolled back into new loans

-Payments are repaid monthly at a small agreed-upon amount

-Our goal is to help people become self-dependent, without needing continual handouts 

-We visit each person at their place of business, as well as meet as a group to pray, fellowship, and help  with business ideas and strategies.

                 Chilisla was trying to provide for her family by going to markets and collecting the                                            food that was too old, or not in good enough condition for the shop owners,                                              hoping to sell at a small profit. While trying to feed her 6 children, she would                                            attempt to sell her produce with little success.

                          Ansanm was able to provide her with an interest-free micro loan, enabling her to

buy fresh produce to resell. Chilisla now sells her items at the local market, turns a fair profit and is able to provide for her family


While interviewing her for the micro loan, she shared with us that two days prior she was told that she would no longer be able to collect the expired food from the market.  Chilisla wasn't sure how she was going to feed her children. 

It is a privilege to enable motivated people, like Chilisla, and to see them become self dependent and thrive.

Ansanm Haiti will continue to check in with her and offer business advice, accountability and support, but from here on out, she is flying on her own and doing well!  

Haiti Fact:

If you attempt to get a conventional business loan in Haiti, you will be charged an exorbitant interest rate, often crippling your new business from the start.   

This makes Ansanm's interest-free loans very appealing and leaves room in the business owner's budget to not only pay back their loan, but support their families.  As a result,  pay-back rates are extremely high.

This is Helode. He's a baker in Montrouis.  Helode, along

with other bakers in town, rent time in the local bakery to

bake their bread. A struggle for him was the inability to turn a

profit off of the bread he was baking, due to lack of inventory.  He

was never able to purchase enough product, at a discounted rate to care for his family.

With the use of a micro-loan he now bakes enough bread that he is able to make a very fair profit. 

An exciting part of this story is his willingness to help train other young people.  He is eager to help his family, as well as his community




Being a successful baker in Haiti is a difficult and extremely hot job. It is amazing to see hard-working people, like Helode, be able and so eager to provide for his family.

There are many willing-to-work people who just need an opportunity to get their business off the ground, and subsequently, support their own families.


Thanks to you...

Haiti Fact:

Community is paramount in Haiti.  For every 1 employed person, 10 people will eat.  

The impact of a job opportunity is far-reaching!

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