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After much praying and waiting on God, it became very clear why we were called to Haiti. During our time in Haiti, we learned that most kids at Orphanages are not True Orphans. It was incredibly hard to watch a mother come to visit their child, cry while she held her baby. When I asked her why she gave her child to an Orphanage, I was told, that she could not provide for her family. I asked her if she could provide for her family would she want to keep her kids, and the answer was YES!

Ansanm Haiti, is designed to help the Haitian people through, Job Creation, School Sponsorship, Micro Loans, and community outreach. The goal is to work together (Ansanm) with the people that want to help themselves become self dependent to provide for their own families needs, without becoming dependent on the ongoing handouts from people and organizations, that are very common and counterproductive. The goal is to keep families together!!

We are very excited to be working with our partners, as we build relationship with their families, and are able to show God's love.

Our time spent living in Haiti, was very hard and challanging, We now know that without that time, we would not have the relationships, or trust of the people that we are working with now. We now have children Sponsored for school, work with true orphans, able to keep families together, through job training, and micro loans, pass out audio bibles, help with medical needs, and community bible studies.

It is amazing to see God's plan unfold! Together we can make a real difference, and start a ripple effect that will change the future in Haiti.

Please consider partnering with Ansanm Haiti.

(Below are two of our Haitian partners Alex and Mirlande)

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